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Packing and Unpacking

Save yourself the time and trouble and hire us to take care of all of your packing and unpacking needs.

When you hire us to pack you up, you get the peace of mind that your belongings are professionally wrapped and placed in the correct boxes.

When you pack yourself, you run a higher risk of damage.

It takes a trained professional to know which boxes to use for certain items. As well as what type of padding to use, such as paper, bubble wrap, and foam padding. Many times have we moved boxes packed by our customers and the boxes are over packed or there is a gap inside the box, and the box collapsed once we put something on top of it.

We can help make the whole moving experience easier by packing you up at your old home, and unpacking you at your new home. All you have to worry about is giving our crew direction as to where to place your belongings.

We offer this service for only $55 per hour (plus a small fee for gas/mileage depending on your location) and the price of boxes and materials.

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