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Going Green

Here at Pro Movers, we work daily on our ability to provide a professional service to the community and at the same time do our part to help reduce the carbon footprint on the planet in which we live in. Whether it be our trucks, or our operations system, we do everything we can to reduce, reuse, and conserve all resources.

We use Bio Diesel fuel that is domestically produced. Renewable fuel, which is, manufactured from corn oil, sunflower oil, recycled restaurant grease and animal fats.

Our trucks to promote cleaner air for the future of our children.

Our clean air trucks emit 80% less particulates than your typical moving truck.

We also use green products on the job to help the environment. We use sustainable and reusable plastic bins which are made of 60% recycled material. This saves on paper and cardboard packing. 100% of our advertising is online and 80% of our scheduling is as well to greatly reduce paper waste.

Every month our company holds a dinner for our crew in which our guys bring in their recyclable household goods such as newspapers, aluminum cans and plastic and glass bottles for a collection. We treat them to a nice evening of dinner and entertainment, and they do their part to help the future of our beautiful planet. This is a great team-building event.

We've been running this program with our movers for over three years now and we estimate we've recycled over 5 tons of reusable goods. Just imagine what people can accomplish when they get together with one common goal to help save our planet.

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